From Bri Rae DiCicco, Foster Mom and Digital Mathematics Teacher:

Bailey came into our care on January 13, 2023. The semester before she had only taken two classes and earned 28% and 6% as her final averages.

She enrolled in an entirely different school located in a different school district, and with encouragement in addition to clear expectations, Bailey received the support she needed to successfully finish the Spring 2023 semester with 1 A and 4 Bs – two of those classes she had retaken due to the failed grades from the semester before. Her GPA improved from 2.0 to 2.8 in only one semester!

Throughout that semester, Bailey had seen such growth that she started thinking about possible career paths and colleges. It didn’t take her long to realize after a few college visits that she wants to attend Anderson University to major in nursing so that she can one day become a pediatric nurse.

Because of her future goals, I sought funding from DSS as well as non-profit organizations like Fostering the Family so that Bailey could attend a 9-day nursing immersion program through the National Student Leadership Conference in Washington, DC this past summer. Throughout the immersion program, Bailey was able to participate in university simulation labs, become CPR certified, dissect a cow’s heart and sheep’s eye, practice infant care techniques, and learn how to correctly suture a wound on a pig’s foot.

She LOVED this experience and came back even more on fire for her future career and was motivated to do well her senior year. We are SO proud of Bailey and cannot wait to see what all she accomplishes her senior year!

*Bailey is 18 years old and consented to have her photos shared along with her story.