Why are children removed from their home?

Foster children usually enter the foster care system
due to abuse and trauma in their home.

Neglect is the #1 reason children are removed,
followed by parental drug use.

This displacement causes a unique set of emotional, social and academic challenges for them. They often experience grief, guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, low self-esteem, mental and physical health issues.

  • Neglect 61% 61%
  • Drug Abuse 34% 34%
  • Care Taker Inability to Cope 14% 14%
  • Physical Abuse 12% 12%

Did You Know?


of foster children live in non-relative foster family homes.


of foster children live in institutions, group homes, trial and pre-adoptive homes.


of children entering foster care are under the age of one.


of youth in foster care are age 13 or older.

The Negative of Foster Care

Youth are aged out from foster care without reunifying with their families, or being adopted.


Of youth who age out of foster care are incarcerated within 2 years


Of youth who age out of foster care graduate from high school

A Problem Getting Worse

States experienced up to a 20% decrease in beds or homes from 2012 to 2017.


Of foster parents leave the system each year.

You Can Be the Difference!

Become an advocate at your church!  Join our team and spread the word about the need for foster families in the Carolinas.  Together we can end the cycle of negativity by providing foster children with a safe and loving home.