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Fostering the Family exists to work with the church and volunteers to create one of 3 P’s of Possibility:

Become a PROACTIVE Community

Are you limited with time or resources, but want to be a part of our Mission?

Every time Fostering the Family partners with a church to raise up a foster family and a Care Community for that family, more safe, loving, and long-term homes become available for children in need. When you give, your donation provides the resources we need to continue helping displaced children in our community! 

Fostering the Family believes prayer is powerful! If you have a few minutes a day to spend in prayer for vulnerable children, foster and adoptive families, child welfare employees, volunteers, churches, healthcare workers, and the sick and struggling in our community, it makes a BIG difference. 

Become a PROGRESSIVE Community

Can you do a bit more? Do you have a heart to organize an event, OR to provide help through Meet the Need? There are opportunities for you in either capacity!

Joining our Meet The Need Technology Portal will revolutionize your involvement in the Child Welfare system by empowering you to impact your community!

Here’s how it works:

As a volunteer, you become part of our network of volunteers organized by zip code throughout the state. Fostering the Family enters needs into the portal as we learn of them so volunteers can view and search for opportunities they have the skills, interest and availability to meet. By joining our database, you help your church or organization become a catalyst for communicating and collaborating on meeting needs across your community! After meeting a need, you have the opportunity to give a testimonial about your experience as an encouragement to others.

Meet the Need: demonstrating that we are better together!

Become a PIONEER Community

Our Care Community model provides assistance to support foster, adoptive, and kinship families by providing an engineered wrap around community.

Did you know that 90% of foster families, who have a supportive community  are still fostering at the 2 year mark versus 50% drop off rate in the first year of fostering for those families who are called but have no support?

Be a Part of the solution- We can’t do everything BUT we can do something!

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 HOW do you begin this process? Glad you asked! 

By attending an Advocate Clinic, this will begin the process of developing a sustainable Family Advocacy Ministry  in your church or community group. Choose the best date that works for you and begin this pioneering adventure!

(Don’t let costs stop you- scholarships are available, just let us know!)

Bring a FAM to your church. What is a FAM?

A FAM= a Family Advocacy Ministry

How Care Communities Support Families

Promise Serves Resources

Online Resource Database for our Pioneering Partnering Churches

By becoming a partnering church you have access to all Fostering the Family resources, training videos, event planning and much more through our portal resource called Promise Serves!

Have Questions? Let's Talk!

Get in touch with our Director of Outreach and Partnerships, Susie Boyle, at (734) 474-1067 or

Alternately, you can submit a message via our contact form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly!