What We Do

“And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me” – Matthew 18:5

Intervening through Care Communities


Making a Lasting difference in vulnerable children’s lives.


Ignite churches and communities to support foster, adoptive and kinship families

Our Strategy

We believe Churches working together is the answer!

Fostering the Family partners with Promise 686.  Working together, our goal is to flood the foster care system with well trained, well supported foster families.

Fostering the Family doesn’t decide whether a child goes into the child welfare system…that’s up to the state. However, we know when the state does intervene, it’s time for the Church to intervene. Did you know there are over 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system and over 300,000 churches in America? That means, if every church could raise up one foster family, we’d have enough homes for these vulnerable children.

But fostering is a tough job. Without support, it can feel nearly impossible to continue. In fact, the national average of families who continue fostering after their first year is about 50%, but when supported by a Fostering the Family FAM- Family Advocacy Ministry and its Care Communities, 90% continue fostering into a second year.

In addition, we endeavor to create an environment where children and families can thrive through legislation and policy changes within our state system.

Our Sustainable Plan

Bring Awareness to the Church

Present a customized & sustainable foster support plan through Church Awareness Campaigns.

Build Care Communities

Build & promote Care Communities surrounding each foster, kinship, and adoptive family in the Carolinas.

Support & Equip

Equip volunteers with the knowledge they need to adequately care for & support foster families.

Have Questions? Let's Talk!

Get in touch with our Director of Outreach and Partnerships, Susie Boyle, at (734) 474-1067 or susie@fosteringthefamily.org.

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