From Scott and Angela Bowser, Aiken and Edgefield County Coordinators:

We recently set up a Care Community for a foster family who is caring for a four month old child who came into care due to a hurt leg, broken ribs (old and new injuries), and head trauma resulting in a brain bleed that needed emergency surgery to install a relief shunt – we call her “B”. She has been in foster care for two months, and unfortunately has developed complications due to her injuries, which has required her to undergo two emergency surgeries.

The foster mom contacted me prior to B’s first surgery. She was extremely torn because she had an upcoming vacation planned, which her three biological children were so excited about, but she didn’t want to leave B’s side at the hospital. I reassured her about taking her children on vacation and told her we (the Church) have got her covered.

We generated a new sign up platform called the Blessing Snuggle Train, allowing volunteers to visit in two hour increments. This was approved by DSS and the hospital. The hospital indicated they had never seen such a turnout of support for a foster child, remarking that most foster children in ICU never have a visitor.

Looking at the sign up sheet, I can tell you there were volunteers from at least four different churches, not including the countless prayers that were circulated through local churches. I believe the foster mom will find comfort knowing that B is well taken care of by the Church in her absence – another example of what the Church should be.

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