A Testimony from Lacy Hoover, Adoption Specialist, Midlands Division of Adoption Services


“Currently, I work with families that are approved to adopt. Every year, we apply for recertification to prepare and complete home studies, complete background summaries and accept relinquishments. We need more families interested in also becoming licensed to foster. Anyone with questions can contact me or our office directly. The first step is to visit HeartfeltCalling.org and click “start the application process.”

I suggest to anyone that is considering either to go ahead and complete an application. Many local organizations need volunteers. To name a few local organizations, in addition to Fostering the Family, Defend the Fatherless is excellent and truly advocates for children and families. Karson’s Kompassion Project has great ways to get involved locally as well.

A few years ago, I started Shine on Outreach, which is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We create care packages for children in foster care, assist with emergency items, and sponsor families and children during the holidays. Our service area is mainly North and South Carolina. Honestly, York County has a plethora of ways to get involved.

Day to day, I enjoy building professional relationships with clients. I believe a relationship is essential to serve and empower individuals. I absolutely love adoption finalizations. It is so rewarding.

Everyone can make a positive difference. Just listen to that spark inside your heart and take the first step.”

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