We are living through a tremendous turn of destiny with the overturning of Roe v. Wade. In this Jubilee moment, our God is clearly upholding the cause of life, and we are seeing His glory revealed (Isa. 40:5). We believe that this decision by the Supreme Court is the result of decades of faithful intercession and action by those who believe in the sanctity of life, and eagerly look forward to the day when Jesus brings honor to the Father through the victory of life.

The fight is not over, of course. As Jedd Medefind says, “The end of Roe is the beginning.” With that in mind, we at Fostering the Family are prayerfully pondering the impact of the Supreme Court decision on the work the Lord has called us to do. We will be vigilant to continue to ignite The Church and its community to support foster, adoptive, and kinship families who are at the forefront of this Kingdom work in caring for the vulnerable children of our state. They have been overlooked for generations, but churches like yours are making a difference.

Who is more vulnerable than a child in the womb? If we fail to care for those inside the womb, how can we care for those outside the womb? Now is our time to arise and shine! That is why we ask: How will you respond now that Roe v. Wade is overturned?

We want you to know that Fostering the Family is here for you as you continue to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. The heart and mission of Fostering the Family is to see Christ followers arise, disciple children in their care from a Biblical worldview, and live boldly and courageously for His Glory. This is at the heart of the “More Than Enough” vision: if 10% of the churches in each community rise up to care for our state’s children, then there will be more than enough adoptive families, foster families, kinship families, caseworkers, and guardians ad litem.

With that in mind, we have some suggestions your church might consider in arising to meet the new opportunities the overturning of Roe v. Wade brings:

Would you honor, on a quarterly basis, the people in your congregation who are called to foster or adopt?

Would your church consider forming a Family Advocacy Ministry through Fostering the Family, to support the foster and adoptive families in your congregation?

Would your church consider joining Meet the Need through Fostering the Family, to be a practical source of help to families in need within your community?

Would your church consider partnering with a kinship family resource such as Charleston Halos, to help family members taking care of children who would otherwise go into foster care?

Would you be a Church of Refuge for young women wrestling with the decision of what to do with their baby?  Join us as we partner with sister non-profits like Love Life and Palmetto Women’s Center to stand boldly WITH them. Perhaps God is calling you to become a  Love Life “Church of Refuge”.

Would you pray? Adoption is God’s idea! Here you can see the children in the SC child welfare system. Perhaps your congregation can commit to pray for one of these children just before your weekly worship services begin? Or perhaps your staff can pledge to pray during weekly faculty meetings?

Would you promote Daniel’s Law to the members of your church body and youth group? Most people aren’t aware that a mother who is unable to care for her baby can surrender her child to one of the designated safe havens throughout the state, whereafter the state will clear the baby for adoption as soon as possible. Now is the time to spread the word in your community!


In closing, we want you to know that we are praying for our South Carolina churches each and every week. Alone, we can do so little, but together, we can do so much!

Kim Trainer,
Co-Founder and CEO

 Al McCarn,
President of the Board

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